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Texas A & M Site Local Information

Getting to Texas A&M

If coming from Waco, Georgetown, or Houston:

You should be coming into town on Highway 6. You should take the University Drive exit off of Highway 6. Turn toward town (that will be a right turn if coming from the North, or a left if coming from the South. University Drive will take you straight to the campus, which will eventually be on your left. When you get to campus, take a left onto Bizzell St. Note that Bizzell is called College Ave. if you turn right, so look for a sign that mentions both College Ave. and Bizzell St. (if you pass McDonald's, you've gone too far). See the parking map to find parking lots off of Bizzell.

If coming from Austin/San Antonio/Points south:

You will come toward the Bryan/College Station area on Highway 21. As you start getting close to town (but before you see any signs of it), Highway 47 will veer off to the right. You want to take Highway 47. Highway 47 will head down toward College Station, and will basically end by heading left to merge onto FM 60/Raymond Stotzer Parkway/University Drive. I don't remember the name out there, but it is University Drive. Just continue on University Drive, and the University will be mainly on your right. You will drive past most of the campus, including the water tower. Shortly after the McDonald's (which will be on your left), you will want ot make a right hand turn onto Bizzell St. Note that Bizzell is called College Ave. if you turn left, so look for a sign that mentions both College Ave. and Bizzell (it is the first light after McDonald's. Turning right onto Bizzell brings you into campus; see the parking maps for details on where you can park.

Building Information

The "base" for registration, meals, etc. will be in the Bright building, room 124. For the contest, we will be using computer labs that are down the street, in the Reed-McDonald building. A searchable campus map can be found here.

Parking Information

You may park in any unnumbered space in any open lot after 5:00 on Friday and all day Saturday. Practically speaking, you can probalby park there earlier on Friday without an issue. For the contest, it is suggested that you park in either lot 54 or lot 51. If you want covered parking, then you can use the Northside Parking garage, but this requires payment. Note that lot 51 includes both pay spaces and non-pay spaces; you do not need ot use the pay spaces, but may use any of the other spaces.

Note: do not park in any numbered space, as these are subject to 24 hour towing. Lot 47, slightly closer than lot 51, contains both numbered and unnumbered spaces, so if lot 54 is full, you will be safer just parking in 51.

A campus parking map can be found here.

Hotel Information

There are several hotels available. While block rates could not be negotiated, there are several that still have availability. One hotel that is quite nice and has offered a discount rate is the following:

Comfort Suites University Drive
907 E. University Dr., College Station, TX, 77840
Rate negotiated for $85 per night. But, you must call them directly and indicate that you are coming with Texas A&M. As of 10/22, they say they have plenty of availability, but this could change.

Besides that hotel, virtually any of the other hotels on University Drive would also be good choices (though maybe not as cheap) as well as some hotels on Texas Avenue. Many will offer state rates if asked, and I believe the state rate is generally $93/night. Among the other hotels to consider are:

There are also the Hilton, Hyatt Place, Residence Inn, etc. on University Drive. If they would be within your budget range (or would offer a state rate to you), they would be good choices. I would not recommend staying at the Plaza hotel, as it has had some horrible reviews. If you have questions about a particular hotel, please feel free to contact John Keyser directly (keyser@cs.tamu.edu).

Useful Information

Mention things like how to get to local grocery store, department store, fast food. Mention strictly enforced speed limit areas.